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We Stalked our Boys

After we dropped the boys off at school, Handsome and I turned into live360 pros. We were continuously checking to see where they were, what they were doing( Sorry boys, yes, your dad and I stalked you )! And then I just had to label their dorms and watch how long they were still in their building. Which led to wondering why they weren't leaving, don't they want to make friends, are they sad, do they miss us, blah blah blah. And don't judge me, y'all have watched 360 closely at some time or another!! lol

It was all new to us. Two of my babies were entirely out of reach. But, over a couple of days, days turned into weeks, and we were checking our phones less and less. We were learning to trust them and let them become the men God and Handsome, and I raised them to be. And we couldn't be prouder. But oh my word, how I miss them! I miss their laugh, smile, playful banter back and forth. I think most of all, and I miss their hugs. I can not wait for them to hug me. I say embrace me because I am now so little compared to them. I now lay my head on their shoulders. I pray for them daily. And even though school hasn't been in that long, I have already seen a change in their lives. Making adult decisions and paying for car repairs and bills. Not needing Momma so much anymore. That is a big pill to swallow!

It's amazing how one word spoken or thought can touch you emotionally. And before you know, your crying. As I said goodnight to my boys who are hours away at school this evening, the words "goodnight my loves" broke me. I am silently crying as I write these words. Tears of some sadness and tears of joy.

Tra and Taylor both are doing so well and very happy where they are in life and location. I couldn't ask for anything better!

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