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When ideas come to life

My love of gardens came from my momma. She can take any untouched yard and turn it into the most beautiful, peaceful oasis. Spending time in my gardens puts me in a place where I connect with God more than anywhere else. The way a plant has to die to come alive to live is nothing short of spectacular!

Getting ready for graduation

This one took me three years in the making and just finished. I am a visual person. I can look at a yard with nothing in it, think of a design, and see it come to life. Now, my Handsome (Tristian) not so much. For him to see something, it has to be on paper, sketched out. So that what I do. For this spot in the back yard took some time for him to warm up too. But he loves it now! My inspiration for this was my sister, who lives in Florida. I love to walk on the beach, listen to the waves crash in, and look for seashells. I figured if I weren't at the beach, I would bring it to me!

Beach Time

If you take a closer look, there are seashells from the beach, rocks, and colored glass—all representing relaxation. Sitting in my swing (swing #2. I'll get to that story later) and look at how beautiful God's creation is. He takes my breath away at times.

If I close my eyes I can see myself on the beach!

I have a large family, which is where we spend most of our time, especially when all the friends come over. On most weekends, there are generally between 15 to 20 people outback. And we wouldn't want it any other way!

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