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Chocolate and Cheese Make Everything Better!

That's our family motto, chocolate and cheese make everything better! Right?!! Since I'm talking about cookies, I will stay with chocolate for now. I have made my chocolate chip cookies for more years to count. I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my cookies. All creations if I'm honest. I have learned that not all batches of dough are going to turn out. And of course, it's all user error.

This batch of dough I had to throw away twice. I was so stinkin mad at myself. Although, it does help to pay attention to what you're adding and how much! Lol

All of my cookies are 4 inches in diameter. My family and I have decided this is a perfect size.

The chocolate chip cookies are so enticing, and you will most definitely need a large glass of milk on the rocks! My Purdy Girl and I will only drink milk on the rocks. The colder the milk the better!

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